Tom Stamman is a False Prophet

The so called prophet named Tom Stamman who has a ministry called Impact Ministries International is a false prophet and ripped me off $800 on a feeding starving kids scam.He travels to churches and gives everyone personal prophetic words said to be from God but has told me un scriptural things like to divorce my spouse and all kinds of other things that where wrong and not accurate.

This guy got me to invest a lot of money to feed the nations thing and promised me a return on my investment as he claimed to use it to buy land in uganda but it has now been 5 years and I have seen no return and they wont comment on it.His website is be careful of him and dont give him money

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Jan 24 #1100252

johhhhhhn cena

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Dec 21, 2015 #1082143 West Des Moines, Iowa

After reading just a few of the comments here I know what I must do. Pray or each and everyone of you. Maybe everyone should open their Bible's to see how the Lord feels about your actions. What has the Lord directed you to do? To create a web page of defamation? That's not the place of ANY one of you!

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Jan 24 #1100196

I respectfully disagree. You are concluding that all these people are slandering. What if the opposite is true, and all these people are discerning correctly about Stamman? Because of the "ministry" Stamman himself designed, he comes and goes, leaving attendees with no way to speak to him directly afterward. In the wake of his "ministry", he leaves many, many people in confusion, at best. Some have made irreversible destructive life choices at Stamman's direction. What are they to do to seek affirmation, or to self-check their discernment, or to warn others? This is 2016, and Inet communication is the norm. If in fact Stamman is extorting innocent members of the body, this is a valuable and appropriate venue to connect with others to undo the damage he has done. Correction: IS doing. He is continuing without accountability, humility, remorse, or change ... and so the body is stepping up to protect the flock from a possible wolf among them. It is not defamation to call a wolf to account - it is instead courageous and caring action on behalf of the sheep.

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Brian Gray

Jan 24 #1100247

The people defaming Tom don't actually know him apart from single encounters where they take something he says out of context e.g. the original post on this page. The person repented and has since been forgiven and even ordained by IMI.
Others want to blame him for circumstances in their own lives in order to avoid taking responsibility themselves. Nearly all remain anonymous and avoid accountability for their defamatory statements.
They are fools, PC cowards and forked tongued, logic lacking, satanic sycophants.
My name is Brian Gray. I document IMI progress in Honduras several times a year. I can vouch for Tom's integrity and I would be more than happy to speak personly with anyone possessing the courage to stand accountable for thier false accusations. My bet is that you won't.

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Not taking the bait

Jan 24 #1100272

You said, "They are fools, PC cowards and forked tongued, logic lacking, satanic sycophants." It is exactly that arrogance and aggression that is coming from Stamman and those who are loyal to him, that prevents people from coming forward by name. We care about the body, so we want to warn others, and are too wise to step into the firing line of those who are bearing, not the fruit of the Spirit, but appalling guile. You wrongly assumed people don't know Stamman. I and many others have direct experience with him. I also have witnessed the long-term experiences of a friend who was manipulated by, and defrauded extensively by Stamman. As a self-professed prophet, he doesn't stand up to "fruit inspection" while other prophets in the church easily do. While many are widely accepted as righteous and a great gift to the body, Stamann is widely controversial and a source of division. You are free to keep on believing and behaving as you choose. We are free to object to it, as well as share our experiences to warn others that at the very least they need God's discerning if they intend to go to Stamann's meetings.

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Sep 24, 2015 #1038463

I have to say after reading Tom Stammans comments on here about the disabled and poor in the United States I don't know what to think of him. How can he care so much for people in other countries and not people from his own country? What would Jesus do or say? Jesus never called the disabled lazy or the poor lazy he had compassion on them. The other issue I see here is I am a minister under Tom Stamman and every news letter he sends out I see a new group of people ordained. I am a pastor and went to a very well known Bible college but when I told a person who asked who I was ordained by he laughed and said Tom tried to ordain me and I am not even called. He said he trys to ordain everyone. This ordaining people who have not even had an education in ministry really makes people like me look bad. I have had the proper training and schooling and I have a calling but most of the people being ordained don't. Where did these new ordained people in this months newsletter go to seminary or Bible college at there names are Joshua Gillespie and his fiancé Paola from Kansas City, MO. And Jenny Miller from WI. Where did they get trained at? I bet my life that they never went to a Bible college or seminary. I did the math and Tom says that he has ordained over 600 people to ministry and it costs them $50 a year to renew it once a year. So Tom makes over $30000 off of ordaining people. No wonder he wants to ordain everyone. That's a big chunk of change. Meanwhile I get... Show more

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Dec 15, 2015 #1078888

If God is real, he is the biggest troll among these forums. He lets children die, and the sick suffer. If I was god I wouldn't have created suffering and death. I'm not perfect and I still can see those things are unneeded, so if some supposed perfect being created something imperfect, how is he perfect? Other than that I met this guy when I was young, he seemed ok, but gave off that creepy feeling some people do. He predicted I would be good with computers, at that time I could turn one on and that was it. Now I can build them, so thats kind of neat, definitely doesn't mean he is a prophet as cold reading or just educated guessing is a more logical answer.

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Dec 28, 2015 #1084610

Exaclty when i was younger i was a little skeptical now that im older there is no doubt this guy is a full blown aids liar how can people not dicern the big scam this guy is pulling i for one was at his sermon and left as i could not stand people cheering on this cheat and hearing the same jokes over and over he has a routine that he uses in his "sermon" if you play attention you can see how shallow and empty his sermons are filled with half truths and unrelated tangents in the form of "harmless" jokes i can see it in his eyes the look of a man with greed.

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Jul 12, 2015 #1006483

I will say this about Tom: I traveled with him once, and it is absolutely true that he doesn't spend money on himself when traveling. Unless somebody bought him a meal or packed him a lunch for the road he was eating nutri-grain bars out of his back seat. But, I must also say that humility is not high on his priority list. I got the impression that because of the work he does with orphans, he felt entitled to look down at people, berate them, and treat them as inferior. He definitely feeds the hungry and poor, but did not exemplify nearly any other fruit of the spirit.

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Jun 23, 2015 #998763

it's okay to reject Tom Stamman We don't need to have a personal relationship with him. The important thing is that God really loves you, a lot! Just like a mother hen wants to gather all of her little chicks around her under her wing, God wants you. Don't ever let any person's actions push you away from seeking the living God. He's awesome! on another subject… I've known Tom for many years and have received many prophetic words from him, stayed at his house, hosted his foreign pastors and orphanage leaders in my own home, and I have even given him criticism, which he accepted. Anyone who preaches to thousands of people and accepting donations, is bound to offend a certain number of people. It's kind of like being a politician – – no matter what you say they're going to be people that hate your guts. Since the general theme of this website is not about leaving positive comments, it's natural to expect Tom to get negative comments, as well as my post :-)

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Jun 29, 2015 #1001299

Tom has said some pretty mean stuff about the poor and disabled people in the US on this site. And how he treats his HouseGuest's is wrong. If you are a pastor think twice about having tom speak at your church.

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Oct 18, 2015 #1050223

I dont hate tom's guts. I hate that he is a liar and that he will try to defend his lies. I also hate that people blindly defend him, despite the obvious anti-Christian attitude he has against the poor and needy amongst us. I also despise the fact that he tells his followers that his prophecy for himself is that he will die as a marter. He is claiming the ultimate sacrifice for his faith. This is applauded by the mindless, but look back in scripture and show me in the last 5000 years, where real prophets have predicted their own demise. A true prophet points away from themselves and towards their source, not boasting about their current or eventual lives.

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Mar 07, 2015 #955386

I stayed at the Stamman's for 5 months expecting to be received by Godly, caring people, when in fact I was threatened (by Tom, btw, I am a female, the weaker sex as God has made me, and if any of you know Tom, you know that he is a big man) I lived at his home to help him renew his Thrift store in Zumbrota(MN). I was promised payment, which I never received! I am owed approximately $4,200 still to this day ( still waiting 2 1/2 years) He is mean spirited, controlling, greedy and not at all the Godly, prophetic man he claims to be. I had the flu for 3 days and on the 3rd day he arrived at the house grilling me as to why I did not go into work, because in his words, "he worked while he had the flu and I should have too"! He was extremely arrogant, nasty and had a threatening attitude about himself. I stood up to him, to which he hated. One would have thought that being prophetic he would have known that I was going to stand up to him, right?? He never revealed any of the Fruits of the Spirit. He is a phony, looking for wealthy people to pay his way into Honduras so that he and his family can have his City when the SHTF. He demanded, and made people pay "cash" rent for living in his home...paying cash means that he doesn't show it to the IRS.
After kicking me out of his home for not going to work when I had the flu, I ended up living in a homeless shelter in St Paul, MN. Now tell me what kind of Godly man treats a woman like that?? What kind of Godly man never pays a woman
... Show more

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Mar 03, 2015 #953411

Tom you said I would have a big truck and big gun and go hunting. I don't like trucks and I legally can't own a gun I'm a multiple felon. So much for your prophecy.

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Jan 03 #1088112

Exactly this guy is just a big fat scam

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Feb 22, 2015 #949462 Nevada, Missouri

My wife and I have received several words of prophecy from Tom Stamman, all accurate and very helpful, with info he could never have known himself.

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Jan 23, 2015 #935293

It says in his newsletters that he is building a city. God said feed the hungry and Tom builds a city. Why do you have to build a city? That city will be owned by Impact Ministries but really run by Tom as he is the president of Impact Ministries. He set himself up as a king. Why?

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Oct 13, 2015 #1047784

The city of refuge is in his third wifes name Teresa Stamman, it is their doomsday shelter.

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Oct 15, 2015 #1048777

Why should he set himself up a doomsday shelter with other peoples money to save himself. I got to hand it to him he doesn't pay a dime for it and yet he gets to own it. It sounds like a cult project or something. Tom has the makings of being a cultist but he is smart enough to keep that to himself as he gathers all the money and continues to build. He is a sly one.

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Dec 30, 2014 #922991

Now his daughter, son and wife are all ministers. He recommends they come and speak at your church

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