Tom Stamman is a False Prophet

Sep 10, 2011
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The so called prophet named Tom Stamman who has a ministry called Impact Ministries International is a false prophet and ripped me off $800 on a feeding starving kids scam.He travels to churches and gives everyone personal prophetic words said to be from God but has told me un scriptural things like to divorce my spouse and all kinds of other things that where wrong and not accurate.

This guy got me to invest a lot of money to feed the nations thing and promised me a return on my investment as he claimed to use it to buy land in uganda but it has now been 5 years and I have seen no return and they wont comment on it.His website is be careful of him and dont give him money

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Aug 26

Reminds me of Elmer Gentry all over again...

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Aug 10 Mankato, Minnesota

I've known Tom for 20 years. No one works harder than he does for God and orphans. You really need to repent before God, seek what He has for your life and stop spending your time slandering a man of God. I had a Doctor diagnose my wife with stress, when she actually had a 2 1/4" tumor on her kidney. I found a different Doctor. We ended up in divorce as well, not by anyone giving advice but because we stopped seeking God in our not praying together. Seek God, not men. Be Blessed.

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Rev. Becker

Aug 08

I am the one who posted this and I have now seen proof that tom helps orphans and widows. I have renewed my ordination with him and sponsor an orphan.

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The Man

Jul 20

Honduras 7 2014 Remix final presentation draft
On YouTube for the full story.

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May 26

About 1 month ago, He literally told my wife to divorce me and that she made a mistake marrying me. I am trying to deal with the repercussions of that statement still. This not a word from the Lord but rather opinion. It has been very damaging. When I approached him, it was just after he had been arrested and accused of grand theft auto in Polo, Il. Perhaps his grand theft auto accusation was fruit of his flesh, in telling my wife to divorce me, against biblical truth, prior to meeting me, at which point he changed his tune. I know he can be led by the spirit, but lets not dive into our own flesh and get away from extoling our Christian brothers and sisters. Let Gods spirit speak only truth and let out own opinion be just that.the danger comes in our opinion being stated as Spiritual. Lets fact check against Gods word before we believe everything that we hear.

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Apr 25

I have seen Tom wrong on his prophecies many times I have also seen him try to Ordain just about anyone. He also likes to say that people have million dollar anointings on them when they clearly don't. despite what Tom says not everyone is called to be a millionaire or ordained into the ministry.

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Apr 25 Chicago, Illinois

Tom was at my church tonight. After asking a few questions to my wife, he proposed a few open ended statements that could have been taken a couple of different ways. Unfortunately, it came off, to my wife at least, that she should divorce me because he thinks that I molested her daughter. 3 Problems with that: 1) I did not do it, 2) I am going to have a hard time overcoming this false reputation he has given me. 3) his reputation is on the line for insinuating that something bad happened, when it didn't, at least not by me. We have trials and troubles now, but I told my wife to go expecting what she needed to hear. Most of what she heard was neither true nor prophetic. I should have a great time trying to clean up this mess. I love my church family and with any luck, he offended more than just me in his seemingly spiritual verbalizations. I will be happy to meet with him where he wants, when he wants, if he wants, with whoever he wants so that he can use his gifts in another kind of way, and that is to discern whether or not I am the person he was talking about and to what extent have I wronged anyone. I know my secret things. Tell me something true about me that I haven't told anyone, and I will go to the DCFS and file a report on myself. I am a Godly man that makes mistakes, but tearing apart a family over some words you say were from God, now I steer clear of that. I may not provide the best lives my children will ever see, but I'm certainly trying to. Violating kids is... Show more

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Apr 25

Tom is full of lies and false prophecies. I am sorry to hear that he did this to you.

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Apr 26

I just spoke with Tom about this and he has no knowledge of this incident. I personally doubt this happened as Tom would normally only give a word like that in private. That said, mistakes and misunderstanding are part of being human and Tom is more than willing to discus the matter with you and or the elders of your church. But Tom speaks at a lot of churches. What is the name an address of your church?

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Apr 29

Your an *** Brain Gray. Tom ruined this mans marriage and reputation and you say you doubt this happened. The man is hurting what kind of a Christian are you just like Tom puts down those on disability and food stamps who are poor and struggling. What kind of a ministry is IMI because they don't seem to care.

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Jun 08

You guys don't have all the facts. That is why you have to hear both sides to every story and get all the facts. First of all, the man who divorce his wife was unfaithful, she got pregnant from another man and her husband took her back anyways. They try to work it out, then she cheated again. Before this happen Tom knew this was coming. He gave him advice of what he should do if he was in his position. The husband was offended and that is why he made a negative post on this site. Then when she cheated the last time then he took Tom's advice to divorce the wife. Now he came to Tom to apologize for not listening to him. Now you all have the facts.

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Jun 14

I know the guy who wrote this post too and he regrets divorcing his wife. He does not think that it was good advice from Tom Stamman to divorce. Divorce is never a good option.

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Apr 21

I hope that high school kids do get ordained and take the gospel to their friends and their world. If they study what they believe to get ordained that will only help them. Besides, all believers are to be equipped for the ministry as Ephesians says so that the body of Christ can be built up and the world reached. The sad thing is that even most so called ordained ministers aren't reaching the lost, ministering to the body in the gifts of the Holy Spirit or helping the poor. I may not agree with some of what Tom does but he is God's servant and working harder than most to help orphans. God will reward the good and deal with the bad just like he will with the rest of us. Just look at yourself and ask what you are doing for the Body, the lost and the poor.

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Apr 22

A minister is to study to show themselves approved. I worked very hard to become a minister. Having went to Bible college and interned under pastors. I worked very hard for it like most ministers I believed that people who dont work for it shouldn't be ordained. Highschool kids shouldn't be ordained especially if the don't know the Bible or haven't went to college. I am not saying that Tom ordains high school kids but Tom has a reputation for wanting to ordain everyone. My ordination through him was recently made fun of and put down because of that. The person actually laughed at me and said Tom tried to ordain him and the guy wouldn't acknowledge me being a minister. That's why you can't ordain school kids or everyone you come across.

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Apr 23

That's fine. But we are all commissioned to study to show ourselves approved and rightly divide the word. I lead people to Jesus, do you or the "friend" who mocks your ordination. Are you fulfilling the great commission and making disciples. The first part of that is getting them to receive Christ and most believers don't even know how to lead someone to Jesus. It is real simple. The Romans road is still an effective tool. People argue "yeah but what about discipleship" and aren't leading people to Jesus or making or being disciples themselves. Tom ordained me and I left because of other differences that I couldn't work out. I do appreciate that he feeds the poor however. How much "training" do you think the disciples had before Jesus sent them out to do His works in His authority. We should start using what we already have and continue to learn and grow and not worry about others who aren't doing the work and criticize those who are.

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Apr 17

I thought the Bible says Christians aren't supposed to sue People? I have said my peace on here its never been my goal to stop orphans from getting funds and if I did that I am sorry. I really believed that Tom St Amman was running a scam and wanted to save people from being sucked into it. If you want to sue go a head I have no money and don't own anything. During me will get you nothing. I have a question though what happened to the original poster of this money that he gave. Why didn't he get a check in the mail like promised? What happened to the acre of land in Uganda that he invested in? And did you tell him to divorce?

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Apr 17 Makawao, Hawaii

Christians are not supposed to give false testimony. You have falsely accused Tom of being a fraud and you HAVE already harmed orphans. You should ask Tom for forgiveness personally and then shut your mouth. Use your energy to read your bible, preach the gospel and go help someone rather than gossip and defame those who already do.

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Open Bible

Apr 19

Bgray, you are attempting to intimidate. Let people tell the truth.

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Apr 19

People can say what they want but there are consequences for bearing false testimony. I encourage anyone to offer documented proof of their accusations. Tom Stamman is an honorable man. Feel free to be a fool. However, viewing just one of my IMI update videos will clearly show that I know what I'm talking about.
As far as people like you are concerned "the wicked run when no one is chasing them but the righteous are bold as lions"

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Apr 11

To anyone questioning Tom Stamman's integrity.
I personally film and produce Tom's IMI Videos for free and as a part of my own ministry. Please see:
IMI Update Jan 2014 720p on YouTube
as well as previous updates for a clear example and verification of how the funds Tom raises are used. There will be further updates in May and July. Please subscribe if you would like to continue to follow this awesome and God powered / directed ministry to widows and orphans around the world.
To all liars, back stabbers, and bearers of false testimony who aim to defame Tom Stamman. While I'm sure that YOUR FATHER is pleased, we are sick an tired of ignorant, self-centered, wolves in sheep's clothing masquerading as Christians while putting lives of widows and orphans in 53 countries at further risk of harm. Please be advised that further groundless false allegations and lies concerning Tom Stamman and or IMI may result in civil litigation being brought against you along with the liars already mentioned.

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